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Mark Baker and CI-5 Inc. have been at the forefront of International nightlife and lifestyle trends for over 30 years.

Based in New York City and Bali, Mark Baker and CI-5 Inc. have owned and operated some of the world’s leading and most prestigious restaurants, clubs, lounges, and supper clubs as well as producing International events at film festivals, fashion weeks, Grand Prix races and producing and hosting T.V. lifestyle content.

Mark co-founded the infamous organic food and Juice chain “Juice Press” and is credited as a leader and originator of the cold-pressed juice movement.

Bakers illustrious life started on the tough streets of Brighton, England, where at 9 he joined chipperfields circus and began traveling with the show around England. After some brief attempts at schooling, Mark discovered skateboarding. At 16 went on to be one of the world’s most infamous and leading vertical skaters, world speed record holder, and all-around radical skaters.

After traveling the world skating, Mark landed in New York, where the excitement and allure of a 24-7 city was a perfect environment for his insatiable appetite for life. Working his way from waiter and party promoter to the “Godfather” of nightlife, Baker’s life story is simply inspirational.

His international social and business network are unrivaled. The name “Godfather” of New York nightlife explains much about his life and his competitive and go-getting attitude, “cannot is not an option ! ”

His relationships with celebrities, supermodels, business and political leaders, good guys and bad guys, fashion personalities, and the national and international media are unique, as shown in the press book portfolio; everything Baker does makes news.

After 30 years in New York City, Mark Baker has shifted his operations to Bali, where he lives with his infamous Wolfpack to focus his attention on Bali and the Asia Region including Canggu /Balis healthy hotspot “BEACHGARDEN ORGANIC KITCHEN “ and “IN THE RAW BALI “ Juice company

Mark is developing new and exciting “lifestyle” brands and consulting for existing U.S. and western brands like OMNIA that operate in Asia and the Western markets. His “hands-on” and personal approach is key to his success. By forming strategic partnerships in Asia and utilizing his relationships and friendships from 30 years in the hospitality business worldwide, these brands are now exploding in the sometimes difficult to navigate Asian marketplaces.

By forging partnerships with top local operators, the group grows in strength and better understands local trends, subtle cultural differences, and market changes.

“We are excited to make the next chapter in Asia,” says Baker,” and to build bridges between my friends, associates, and businesses in New York and the West and the exciting new Asian markets. It’s the logical next step as Asia has the style, sophistication, and ability to complement our western venues and brands; these are exciting times.”

Dominic Scott

Rob Hourmont

Rob Hourmont is a former International World Cup and Olympic Ski Racer from the United Kingdom. Rob was the youngest ever British Senior Slalom Champion in 1985 at the age of 15.
In the next few years, Rob won several Junior and Senior British Ski Championships.

He qualified to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics at the age of 18 and was ranked in the world’s top 30 in 1990 as his skiing career ended abruptly due to a training accident, causing severe knee damage.

Despite his injury, Rob continued to work on his athletic performance, rebuilding his knee and leg to ski and snowboard recreationally. Rob’s many years as a professional athlete and recovery from injury has equipped him with in-depth knowledge of sports, fitness training, nutrition, movement, and recovery therapy.

In 2016, at the age of 46, Rob’s right knee finally gave in and had to be replaced with a full titanium prosthesis. At this time, Rob discovered the Keto Lifestyle, to which he adjusted his path immediately. He began to study the subject intensively and completed the Primal Health Coach Institute’s course in record time.

Rob began to experiment on his body to see what exercises would work best using his body as his gym. He began to experiment with food, started to source food locally and organically, and cook for himself instead of eating out. The results were dramatic; within three months, Rob lost 40lbs of excess body weight, rebuilt lean muscle, and became an overall healthy person full of energy and positivity.

Between 1990 and 2014, Rob founded and developed several sporting goods, retail, and lifestyle brand companies in Austria, France, Spain, and the U.K. One of his biggest success stories was Europe’s first Skateboard brand, Créme Skateboards & Creme International. Rob grew Creme from scratch to Europe’s only successful skateboard brand, competing against the famous U.S. skateboard companies. The collections grew into full clothing ranges for men, women, kids, a sneaker range, and 3 flagship shops in Barcelona, Valencia, and Innsbruck, Austria.

During 2017 and 2019, Rob traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to experiment with food, exercise, and movement routine. Rob carefully developed his unique approach and methodology to Fitness, Keto-Food, and Lifestyle under the branded “A Primal Lifestyle” Program. Rob has personally coached over 100 clients to lose excess body fat, gain lean muscle, and a more positive outlook on life using his methods.

Rounding off his knowledge, Rob studied Meditation and Muay Thai Boxing in Bali. Meditation to learn to calm, focus, and balance the mind. Muay Thai Boxing to learn the technique and discipline of this ancient sport, which aligns closely with our ancestors’ “playtime” fighting games.

Rob’s primary focus today is on his health blog, spreading the health via his writing, for the blog, social media, and in person.

In October 2020, Rob met Mark Baker again (after having met him some 30 years ago) in Europe’s skateboarding scene. Rob and Mark immediately clicked; hence Rob jumped at the opportunity to join forces with Mark and invest in his highly popular restaurant, BEACH GARDEN ORGANIC KITCHEN, Canggu, despite being in the middle of the CORONA pandemic.

As Rob understands and values the importance of real, clean and food, becoming a partner at BEACH GARDEN ORGANIC KITCHEN was logical step he had to take. This tremendous opportunity to be part of this wonderful restaurant and promote healthy food and an active, healthy lifestyle with Mark at Beach Garden, Canggu, couldn’t be missed! 

“I’m incredibly excited about being part of BEACH GARDEN and Bali’s vibrant healthy food and lifestyle scene, and look forward to contributing to people’s health and happiness through our food at BEACH GARDEN.”


Sintya Dewi

Full Name: Pande Ni Luh Sintya Dewi
Nick Name: Sintya Dewi

My name is Pande Ni Luh Sintya Dewi, but friends and family like to call me Sintya Dewi. I’m from the east of Bali is Besakih Village, near Mount Agung, Bali.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My grandma has a small restaurant called “Ida Rahayu,” located in the Besakih temple area. I started to cook in my childhood. My grandma and my mother taught me how to cook, my first dish being the classic Indonesian “Nasi Goreng / Fried Rice.”

I chose to study food and beverage products for my major at The Bali Hotel School. My experience is mostly in fine dining restaurants. I’ve was Chef de Partie when I was 21 years old at Viceroy Bali Hotel. I’m always learning new things and try new ideas every day to create exciting dishes.

I continued my adventure to the Hotel Capella Ubud Bali, which won the “Best Hotel in The World” award from Conde Naste in 2020, where I found a new ambiance, more fun, and challenges.

I was in charge of the “Omakase” style Restaurant, “Api Jiwa,” which received the “Best Restaurant in Bali 2019” award by The YAK Magazine. I was fortunate to learn a great deal about Asian Cuisine and enjoyed talking with the guests while cooking in front of them.

I’m now looking forward to a new opportunity and a further step forward in my career. I’m delighted to join the Beach Garden Organic Kitchen as their Executive Chef to re-open for Christmas 2020.

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Dominic Scott

Kadek Dharma

Born and raised in Panji Anom, a small village in the north of Bali, I’ve been traveling the world on different cruise liners as head of housekeeping.

After 7 years of world-travel, I decided to remain in Bali and create my cafe, which I ran successfully for several years. I’m happy to now be General Manager at Beach Garden, Canggu.

Dominic Scott


I graduated from Brawijaya University to start my professional HR journey in 2012 in a jewelry manufacturing company.

Over the last 8 years, I trained and educated myself as an HR specialist and recruiter in some of Bali’s top companies. Today I’m proud to be Beach Garden’s HR Manager.

Dominic Scott


Christina was born and raised in Singaraja, Bali. At Beach Garden, she is the Marketing and Social Media Manager, responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring its social media promotion.

Christina has seven years of marketing experience and spent the last six of those years as Social Media Manager and has supported many Bali businesses, foreign-owned companies, and International clients. She’s a technology and online wizard, always up to date with the newest developments in the social media arena.

Before returning to her beloved home, Bali, to live and work, for six years Christina studied the Japanese language, dance, and culture, in Tokyo, Japan.

Dominic Scott


For the last 10 years, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, specializing in Purchasing and Procurement. I’ve mostly worked in well-known restaurants in Bali.

With my broad knowledge in procurement and accounting principles, I always do my best to support the company by providing the highest quality of product to achieve the company’s objectives.